Top Search Strings for September 2009

What have I learned this month? Twenty six years after it’s release, the world still doesn’t know what the song “Billie Jean” is about. billie jean eyes weren’t like mine michael jackson admits the baby is his in billie jean in michael jacksons billie jean was the kid his in the end michael jacksons where […]

And the nominees are: My Super Sweet 16, Cribs, Room Raiders.....

And the nominees are: My Super Sweet 16, Cribs, Room Raiders…..

I tivoed the Video Music Awards and 30 minutes into the pregame show, I had to take a break. I don’t think I can recap this shit. If you’re going to open the show with this: and follow it up with an interview with the girl responsible for this classic moment: …I might have to […]

Cam’ron Disses Jay-Z

Click HERE To Download “You Got It”. I apologize in advance for the “please let this be another ‘Ether'” hype that Kay Slay’s is yelling over the track. And HERE is the “Swagger Jacker” skit from this week’s Drama Hour.

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