I logged on tonight with a question: What was the number one search string for music-slam.com this week? What did you, the readers, really want to know?

I’ll admit, this has been a slow period in terms of music news. And yes, Usher’s three songs are as omnipresent on this year as R. Kelly’s twenty were last year. And like The R, he’s turned his inability to keep it in his pants into big money. But if you’re scouring the ‘net trying to find out…

“singer usher penis size”

…it is time to turn off your computer. As it turns out, this site is in the top ten on yahoo because an article about Enrique’s Johnson is on the same page as an Usher story. We at Music-Slam do not know the singer Usher’s penis size. In fact, we don’t want to know. Honestly, it’s information we can do without. To everyone that hasn’t had their need for intimate facts about musicians met by Music-Slam, we apologize. However, I can fulfill the numerous requests I received for:

The picture of Clay Aiken holding some girl’s breasts.

And the extremely popular, Awful picture of Britney Spears. Thanks for visiting.

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