Given raps current weak state, I have looked and evaluated many rappers. I have listened to many rappers albums and said….”hmmm which rappers should battle each other?” and “which would be good”. So here we go. The first I would like to see is “Jadakiss vs. Nas”. Two lyrical giants, Jada has put out 2 quality albums and NaS has put out 7. This battle would go 5 rounds, with NaS as the final victor, but there would still be peace between the two being that they are cool with each other. In this battle there would be nothing said about kids and baby moms’, it would be very lyrical. My second battle would be Harlem’s favorite (Cam’ron) and Shaolin’s finest (Method Man). I put this battle together because you have raps most over-rated and raps most under-rated. Unfortunately for Cam he would lose this battle quickly. He is gonna get a lot of people sayin’ “he gon win he gon win”, but real rap heads know that a man who speaks non-sense cannot beat a lyrical mastermind. Now if we were talking Cam when he was on Un-tertainment, we have a pretty good battle, still a loss, but a couple of rounds.

My next battle would come as a shock to some but not to others. “Jin tha MC” vs. Eminem. Jin is nice, Em is nice, and this battle will come down to popularity. Em can try to talk about Jin being Asian, but he gonna have to watch what he says being he is still looked at by some as a racist. That takes out that aspect of his content. Jin is gonna use a lot of punch lines, and stray away from the white man shit because he is Asian and that like i said takes out the racism. Em will have to stray away from the violence because of Jin’s camp (LOX, DMX, etc.). Although Em’s camp is strong there is peace between 50 and X, so it would be a solo effort. The end result……..well there are two results…….1) em wins by popularity, 2) Jin wins by lyrical content. That’s the truth.

I got two more battles for you. Loon vs. Fab……..Loon was a gangsta rapper before Puff got to him and those who know this know that this would be good. Fab is one of the kings of punch lines, Loon, uses metaphors. But all in all Fab will win. Or would he. Fab is now in the same class as Loon because his best hits are for the ladies, and his hard shit is overlooked. So I dont know the result. this is another popularity contest.

Last but not least Fat Joe had to get into this mix. He is finally getting his break but ima make this battle different. Terror Squad vs. G-Unit. I dont care what you say, G-Unit will take their first lost herrre. 50 is not better than Fat Joe, and the rest of the unit cannot trade war stories with Terror Squad. None the less that battle will never happen. But it would be fun to listen to hear how many ways you can kill a rapper with a Tony Sunshine hook.

Iight peoples my name is Bizzie and before I go we are thinking of making a forum for people to discuss articles between each other and the ever so popular “forum rap battles”. Holla back 1

By Bizzie

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