10) “rastafarian head bands” (I don’t sell them. Anymore.)
9) “video’s of jill kelly on porn sites” (why would there be videos of Jill Kelly on porn sites?)
8) “britney awful” (Yes, she is awful. it’d good to know that Frankenstein can use a keyboard)
7) “kenny chesney’s penis” (People really want to know why Renee Zellweger got that annulment)
6) “2pac lyrics to all my hiphop junkies and my niggaz in jail when the song play give em hell my thug nation” (…….)
5) “sniffing coke” (I’ll keep the articles about Bobby & Whitney, Eminem & Kim, Kate Moss & Pete Doherty and DMX & the big pile of cocaine he keeps next to his bed to a minimum.)
4) “how many singers overdosed on drugs last year?” ( I don’t have that information but I do know this:

Having a sketch artist draw lines on your photo to make you appear more defined is silly.

Having a make-up artist draw lines on your body so you look more fit? That’s got to count as an overdose of something.)

3) “i want to send music videos to my mate video like lil jon” (?????)
2) “world’s smallest penis” (Enrique Iglesias said he had it a year ago and it will never be forgotten. The statement, I mean.)
1) “super breasts” (I don’t know why this always comes up. I’ve never posted an article about anyone’s super breasts.)

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