Cam�ron unleashes his frustration with former Roc-a-Fella mogul Jay-Z on a new seven-minute track entitled, �You Got It.�

According to MTV News, the song lays out five reasons why he is upset with the Def Jam president, including accusations that he stole the Roc-A-Fella empire and Kanye West from ex-partner Dame Dash as well as the Rocawear clothing line.

Cam raps about Jay-Z: “You ain’t the only one with big wallets/ Got it/ My sh–‘s brolic/ But ya publishing should go to Miss Wallace/ … Down at Jeezy’s video/ I shoulda kissed you on the cheek/ You’s a pretty ho’/ I left the label right/ Lotta cats wonder how/ Every time I dis that label I get fined a hundred thou.”

Cam�ron outlines his beef with Jigga in the upcoming March issue of XXL magazine, which features Cam’ron on the cover.

“The real problems began when Jay went away and Dame was talking about making me president. When Jay came back, he had an attitude,” Cam told the publication. “He said to [Beanie Sigel] something to the effect that he didn’t feel comfortable with what Dame was trying to do.”

Jay-Z�s girlfriend Beyonce isn�t even spared in Cam’s lyrical assault.

“Beyonc�, fiancee?/ Check my second LP/ I might bring her back/ That’s your girl, that’s your world/ Had the thing f—ing singing ’bout slinging crack!” he raps, ending the clip with Cam playing his 2000 collaboration with Beyonc� on the song “Do It Again.”

It’s not yet clear whether the dis record will appear on Cam’s upcoming �Killa Season� album.

Click HERE To Download “You Got It”. I apologize in advance for the “please let this be another ‘Ether'” hype that Kay Slay’s is yelling over the track.

Credit: Eurweb


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