What have I learned this month? Twenty six years after it’s release, the world still doesn’t know what the song “Billie Jean” is about.

billie jean eyes weren’t like mine
michael jackson admits the baby is his in billie jean
in michael jacksons billie jean was the kid his in the end
michael jacksons where is billie jean affair
the smell of sweet perfume billie jean
michael jackson billie jeans
did michael jackson have an affair with billie jean
michael jackson the child is not my son
jackson spent night with billie jean
what does for forty days and forty nights mean in billie jean
i told him my name was billie jean as i caused a scene
billie jean why are eyes of baby like his

what does michael jackson mean when he says do a dance on the floor in a round

billie jean why does he say dont think twice

Please refer to the wikipedia article or Dusk 411’s excellent review of the song if you have any questions

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