Music-Slam Album Review: Boss Hog (1995)


Boss Hog
Boss Hog 15 tracks 39.17 minutes

Boss Hog is for the most part Jon Spencer and Cristina Martinez, who both share singing and whispering duties. This album is basically a fast-paced aggresive blues record, with only three of the fifteen songs over three minutes. There is even a Ike Turner cover, “I Idolize You”. Which has Spencer sounding like he is singing through a poor cell phone, trying to seduce a married women. “I Dig You” is now my favorite love song. It has the line “I’d eat scum off the streets, eat raw macaroni, messed up in a minute, come on girl, you got to show me”. Towards the end of the song, Mr. Spencer claims to have a “Cadillac, with a monkey inside”. The song “Texas” is like if Shirley Manson joined Rasputina. It is gothic, almost Braduryish with the slicing violins, that is either about rape, physical and mental abuse, and/or a retirement home. In my opinion, this great first album is made better by the lack of a quality follow up.

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