Murs and 9th Wonder
Murray’s Revenge – 10 tracks – 32:09

This record is just a splendid summer rap album. 9th Wonder’s beats are light with a good balance of sampling. “Yesterday & Today” has a very clever arrangement of a sample from William Bell’s “”Yesterday I Lied, Today I Cried”. And Murs’ songwritting is focus throughout. The first track, “Murs Day”, seems like the usual hip hop brag about their lyrical prowess, but it’s a dare for people to put out some quality records. “Yesterday & Today” is three parts about job unrest, depression from the life that is being lived, and a first experience with a gold digger. “Dreamchaser” discusses the appeal and futility of a gang life. “Love and Appreciate” is another good sample that ties the song together. “D.S.W.G. (Dark Skinned White Girls)” is a song dedicated to the daughters of mixed race parents. “Whether chocolate or vanilla or your somewhere in between / A cappuccino, mmocha or a carmel queen / rejected by the black not accepted by the white world / And this dedicated to them Dark Skinned White Girls.”

By chito

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