Music-Slam Album Review: System of a Down – Mezmerize (2005)


System of a Down
Mezmerize – 11 tracks 36.01 minutes

This System of a Down album has Daron Malakian more involved then ever. As usuall he has all the music credits, but this time he has lyric credits on all but “Question!”. Daron shares production duty with the great Rick Rubin and has a greater role in the vocals beyond screaming and the choruses. Which brings almost a Queens of the Stone Age dynamic. Unlike the Queens, their consistent band line up has allowed them to improve as a band and individually. Throughout the record Shavo’s bass and John’s drumming sound the tightist. The polka inspired “Radio/Video” showcases Serj’s keyboarding skills. Daron’s guitar reminds me of “…And Justice for All” era Kirk Hammett. The noticable lack of effects on this ablum highlights all that. There is few to none overdubbing, with the only song that seems to have any vocal effects being “Old School Hollywood”, and with it being recorded at the Mansion has had them use their talents instead of any studio tricks. Well timed harmonies are used in place of reverb, echo, with little used delay. But this is no boy band record. “B.Y.O.B.” invites everyone to a party in the desert that turns into a thrash metal anti-war movement. “Revenga” is either an audition for Bone-Thugs N Harmony or a Serj’s interview as a auctionier. “Cigaro” tells that Daron’s cock is bigger than ours, Serj’s shit stinks right to the floor, and that we are all screaming for more. Which as far as I know, we are.

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