It’s about time I put something up here. First of all, I’d like to thank my friend Matt for writing the first real entry on this page. He is a true artist and I hope he will continue to contribute to this project. What “this project” is going to be is something I’m still working on.

I’m not trying to find meaning in the meaningless. Music, more than any other aspect of pop culture, has been changed for the worse by commercialism and target marketing. No matter how old you are, there is an artist designed to appeal to you. If you’re 25, there’s Mariah. If you’re 21, there’s Britney and Christina. If you’re 16, there’s Avril. And if you thought she was the new Alanis, then The Matrix truly has you.

Enough popping off. What is going to be here?

I’ll be posting reviews from my old site with a few revisions this week. The older “low quality radio” mixes will be posted here shortly as well. Then I will get started with new content. Hopefully, this will be a place where people can write about music they love and rip into the stuff they hate.


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2 thoughts on “Post #1”
  1. What do you think about Jewel’s new, re-tooled sexy image?

    Do you feel she buckled and is selling out by exploiting her sex appeal?

  2. didn’t jewel have a sexy image already? i wouldn’t care what she was wearing if the music was decent. the video for “intuition” tries to mock the very demographic the song is pandering to. the first time i saw it, i was really disappointed. it was nothing but women shaving their legs in the bathroom.

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