Wrestler sues Jay-Z over hand sign

Wrestler Diamond Dallas Page has filed suit in Los Angeles Federal Court, claiming rap mogul Jay-Z hijacked his “Diamond Cutter” hand signal.

Page, whose real name is Page Falkinburg, says he trademarked the rights to the diamond-shaped symbol in 1996.

Page’s suit contends Jay-Z pirated diamond symbol for various Roc-A-Fella commercial products, including the album covers for “Dynasty: Roc La Familia 2000” and “Fade to Black.”

Page said the “Diamond Cutter” symbol was first used in 1996 on WCW’s weekly “Nitro” and “Thunder” TV shows and has appeared on several pay per view events as well as at his personal appearances.

The sign is on the cover of Page’s new book “Yoga for Regular Guys,” as well.

Credit: UPI

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