He might be MIA, but that doesn’t stop trouble from finding Eminem.

A man has filed a lawsuit against the Oscar- and Grammy-winning “Lose Yourself” rapper for an alleged incident that took place in a Detroit strip club bathroom two years ago.

Miad Jarbou says he was punched by Eminem, whose real name is Marshall Bruce Mathers III, July 13, 2006, at Cheetah’s On the Strip Gentlemen’s Club. No charges were filed at the time.

Jarbou is seeking more than $100,000 in damages.

The lawsuit was filed July 3 in MIchigan’s Oakland County Court, and the court docs were published today by courthousenews.com.

Per the suit, Jarbou says he was making a pitstop n the men’s restroom at Cheetah’s, an “exotic dancing bar,” when the rapper and a very large bodyguard walked in.

The plaintiff’s pal, who was not identified, then came in and said, “Hey Eminem, what’s up man?”

Em’s minder, who was standing by the door, “spoke words to Jarbou’s friend to the effect, ‘Shut the f–k up man! Don’t say another word!’ ”

Jarbou claims he replied: “Hey man, my friend ain’t starting trouble, it’s just cool to see Eminem.”

At that point, the suit states, Eminem stepped away from the urinal and launched into fisticuffs “without warning or provocation.”

“As Jarbou continued to urinate,” the complaint states, “[Mathers] drove his fist in a violent punching manner into the side of Jarbou’s face, knocking him to the ground.”

With that, Eminem and mate exited the restroom and then the bar, per the suit.

“The conduct of Defendant…in sucker-punching in a vicious, violent and completely unprovoked manner the Plaintiff as he was in the extremely vulnerable position of standing at a public urinal and urinating, is the very definition of extreme and outrageous conduct,” the suit grouses.

Jarbou is seeking the six-figure compensation for what he claims was the physical pain and suffering as well as “emotional distress, ongoing serious injuries requiring medical treatment and which will require additional treatment in the future” and “embarrassment, humiliation, medical expenses, wage loss and other economic and non-economic damages.”

No immediate comment from either Eminem’s side or Jarbou’s attorney.

The rapper is currently said to be hard at work on his upcoming sixth studio album, which does not yet have a title or a release date.

(Originally published July 5, 2008 at 11 a.m. PT.)

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