Lionel Ritchie and Lenny Kravitz break up nightclub brawl

Lionel Ritchie and Lenny Kravitz were the unlikely heroes after a nasty fight at an exclusive nightclub.

The pair stepped in when the fists started flying at Chinawhite in London’s West End, reports the Daily Mirror.

A witness said: “Before bouncers could get there, Lionel and Lenny jumped in to break it up. You don’t expect to see two global superstars breaking up a club scrap. It was amazing.

“Neither Len nor Lionel seemed worried about getting stuck in. They both hate violence and obviously couldn’t bear just to stand by.”

The trouble apparently started when a man approached a record executive and accused him of making a move on his girlfriend.

The witness added: “He was furious. He reckoned the exec had been getting hot and heavy with his other half. Who knows if it was true or not, but he seemed convinced.

“He was devastated. This wasn’t just a little argument, it was turning into a no-holds-barred fight.”

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