Music Review: Jessica Simpson “These Boots Are Made For Walkin’”

A review of both Nancy Sinatra’s “These Boots Are Made For Walkin” and Jessica Simpson’s cover.

Music Review: Michael Jackson “Billie Jean”

Michael Jackson’s affair with a groupie comes back to haunt him in the persuasive “Billie Jean.”

Music Review: All Saints “Pure Shores”

All Saints (Natalie Appleton, Nicole Appleton, Melanie Blatt, and Shaznay Lewis) have traveled to distant places to find a home in the floating “Pure Shores.”

Music Review: Bananarama “I Can’t Help It”

Sarah Dallin, Siobhan Fahey and Keren Woodward of Bananarama are smitten with a new boy in the glitzy “I Can’t Help It.”

Music Review: Kylie Minogue “Spinning Around”

Kylie Minogue dons a new look and attitude in the sirenic “Spinning Around.”

Music Review: Ginuwine “In Those Jeans”

Ginuwine has a jean fetish in the disturbingly earnest “In Those Jeans.”