Jon Stewart to interview surviving Nirvana members | Reuters

Jon Stewart has signed on to host a Q&A with two surviving members of Nirvana and producer Butch Vig for “SiriusXM’s Town Hall with Nirvana,” a radio special set to air Saturday, September 24, at 8 p.m. ET. via Reuters.

Judge rules Jackson trial jury will not be sequestered | Reuters

The jury in the upcoming involuntary manslaughter trial of Michael Jacksons doctor will not be sequestered, despite a request by defense lawyers who expect the case to be “the most publicized in history.” via Reuters.

Jay-Z, Diddy, Kanye West are Forbes’ cash kings | Reuters

Whatever you think of their music — but really, what’s not to like? — it turns out they are justified. Forbes has released its list of the past year’s top earners among hip-hop artists — never mind that Jay-Z is definitively a rapper — and Jay and Kanye come in at first and third respectively. […]

Game’s Tweet Could Lead to Charges Against the Rapper – The Juice |

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department are considering misdemeanor charges against the rapper because the prank calls caused the office to delay response to real emergency calls including a missing person, a spousal assault, two robberies and a stolen car, according to reports. via

Britney Spears Tribute Coming to VMAs, Amy Winehouse Tribute In the Works |

“Britney will be at the show and we’ll be paying tribute to her,” VMA executive producer Amy Doyle told, confirming speculation that has grown since a Spears promo for the show began airing. via

Sugarland Resuming Tour, Planning Memorial Service |

Sugarland announced they are resuming their tour on Thursday as well as planning a memorial service to honor victims of the tragedy at the Indiana State Fair, but will wait until grieving families have “time to go through their own services” before moving forward. via

Lady Gaga accused of copying Judas | Reuters

Lady Gaga on Friday was slapped with a lawsuit claiming her hit song “Judas” on the new album “Born This Way” was copied from a similar tune by a Chicago-based singer and songwriter via Reuters.

Latin jazz artists sue Grammys for dropping their category | Reuters

Musicians Robert Sanabria, Benjamin Lapidus, Mark Levine and Eugene Marlow accused the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences Inc. — better known as the Recording Academy — of violating its fiduciary and contractual obligations in April when it cut 31 categories from the annual awards ceremony, including Latin jazz. via ├é┬áReuters.